YCC Open16 Innovation FIPOFIX

In 2012 “Yacht Construction Consulting GmbH” designed the first Innovation Yacht according to our design and construction philosophy, 100% volcanic fibre and balsa-sandwich-laminate. This Open16 Prototype confirmed not only our imaginations of performance, quality and sustainability, but it successfully gained also three transatlantic sailing records.

Hull Length

4,9 m / 16 ft

Hull Beam


Special Feature


Technical Details

Length overall: 5,6 m
Width overall: 2,3 m
Length waterline: 4,9 m
Width waterline: 1,8 m
Draft: 1,7 m
Displacement: 450 kg
Kanting keel: 180 kg
Dagger board: 1,1 m

Ballast tank system
1 Bow tank 112 l

2 Stern tanks à 78 l

Mast height: 8 m

Boom length: 2,6 m
Mast & boom: Lorima – Carbon
Standing & running rigging: Dyneema

Sail area
SA upwind: 27 m2

SA downwind: 52,6 m2
Mainsail:  15,5 m2 Completely batted down, 3 reef row
Genoa1: 11,5 m2 Furler, incorporated luff
Genoa2: 7,5 m2 Fixed roller furler
Fock: 2,8 m2 Furler, incorporated luff
Storm jib: 1,2 m2 Hanks
Genacker: 25,8 m2 Furler, incorporated luff
Code Zero: 21,2 m2 Furler, incorporated luff
Spinnaker: 37,1 m2 Sock

Concept: Yacht Construction Consulting GmbH

Exterior Design: Yacht Construction Consulting GmbH
Interior Design: Yacht Construction Consulting GmbH
Nautical Architectur: Yacht Construction Consulting GmbH