We understand our service as an overall concept in which we like to implant your idea of a sailing yacht. Under this principle, we are not trying to convince you of an existing complete solution, but rather to offer you an optimized service package according to your wishes.

As we manage all steps of the project, such as design, architecture and manufacturing in-house, an individuality and flexibility are great advantage for you and for us.
but rather to offer you an optimized service package according to your wish.


Each and every Innovation Yacht design is an exceptional one, designed for the customer and adjusted to their unique imagination and vision. Understandably, each construction program requires a comprehensive project planning process.

This anticipates the end-to-end design, architecture and production phases to guarantee our customers exceptional quality with maximum flexibility allowing for amendments during the build.


Each Innovation Yacht design embodies an optimized synergy of maximum power performance, security, on-board comfort and sustainability. Our designs aim to minimize waste and embrace sustainable and recyclable materials in the build of our responsible, custom-built vessels.


The primary goal of our architecture team is to implement your customer requirements in the Innovation Yachts construction concept. This guarantees optimum comfort, functionality, durability and ultimate customer satisfaction

Our engineers for material determination and structure calculation have profound knowledge based on numerous extreme sailing expeditions and record-breaking projects.


Innovation Yachts are predominantly handmade, and our employees incorporate the latest CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology in the preparation of materials and the latest processing methods in lamination production.

All our material and technology partners undergo strict certification guidelines and have their own development departments, which constantly control and optimize their products.