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norbert sedlacek koch

Norbert Sedlacek was born on 27th January 1962 in Vienna into a family of Viennese officials. He acquired a compulsory education and then he attended a waiter training in Hilton hotel in Vienna.

After a military service and several years as a waiter, in 1984 he moved by his father’s request to Wiener Stadtwerke, a public transport company, located in Vienna. His father wanted him to make an easy career within the public service.

After a few years of quiet life, the driving of trams in Vienna started to bore Norbert. Reflecting of his future, he decided to have a more active life and travel around the world.

In 1994, Norbert Sedlacek discovered sailing and he was convinced that this sport is not just a hobby, but his vocation. From that moment, he did everything to become a professional sailor.

He was persuaded to pass from the tram to the cockpit of a yacht.

date of birth

27th  January 1962

place of birth

Vienna, Autria



family status

Married, one child



Experienced projects

Almost out of limits 1996-1998

Norbert has started his single-handed circumnavigation of 2 years and approximately 26,000 nautical miles on 28th July 1996 in the Italian port Grado and he has successfully arrived at the port of departure on 26th July 1998.

Those two years were full of the struggle against the forces of nature, solitude, private, and financial problems. But these two years earned him a global recognition, he was the first Austrian skipper who sailed around the world and allowed him to enter into the international professional sailing scene.

Project border Norbert Sedlacek

The whole story in the book

“Im Grenzbereich des Möglichen”


Designer: Norbert Sedlacek
Type: Swallow 26
LOA: 8.40 m
Weight: 3 t
Sail area: 38 m²
Engine: 8 hp outboard

icelimit 2000 / 2001

Behind this name is hidden an icy adventure, a solo non-stop around Antarctica circumnavigation from Cape Town to Cape Town.

In November 2000 Norbert Sedlacek began his fire baptism in Antarctic waters.

During 93 extremely difficult days during which he was taken 14.315 nm through the most dangerous oceans full of icebergs, Norbert faced many extreme situations.

29th racing day: 6 bft, climbed the mast 3-4 m to release a furler of the genoa sail

51st racing day: highest southern latitude of 62 ° South, the same extreme icebergs concentration,

two hours of sailing with a broken autopilot

80th racing day: long sail in the sea full of icebergs at 51 ° South

The whole story in the book


Average nautical day: 154 nm at sea level (270 km)

Best nautical day: 211 nm (360 km)

Worst nautical day: 59 nm (108 km)

Maximum latitude: 62° S

Maximum wind speed: 74 kts (138 km/h)

Largest wave height according to

Australian Weather Service: 9-11 m

Maximum speed in surf: 25,6 kts

Lowest temperature in wind shadow: -6°C

Lowest wind chill temperature: about -45° C

Lowest pressure: 971 hPa

the transat 2004

The Transat 2004 from Plymouth (GB) to Boston (USA) was Norbert Sedlacek’s initiation into IMOCA Open 60 racing and at the same time his and his boat’s final qualification for the Vendée Globe 2004/2005. With a result of 17 days, 18 hours 35 minutes and 36 seconds Norbert Sedlacek sailed into the top ten, finishing 10th out of 17 competitors in his first IMOCA race.

Start: 31st May 2004 in Plymouth, England

Destination: Boston, USA

 Arrival: 18th June 2004, 7:35:36 a.m.

Distance: 3,029 nautical miles across the North Atlantic, by the northern route along the drift ice and the dreaded Grand Banks of Newfoundland

The Transat 2004 Innovation Yachts shipyard

vendée globe 2004 / 2005

Norbert Sedlacek was the first German speaking skipper ever to compete in the Vendée Globe, undisputedly the hardest sailing race in the world, which starts and finishes in Les Sables d’Olonne (FRA) and is sailed single-handed, nonstop, and without outside assistance through some of the most challenging seas in the world.

Unfortunately he had to retire from the race after 6.800 successful nautical miles because of serious problems with his canting keel. At this moment, he also shared the fate of six other participants, who had to leave prematurely the race because of grave technical damage on their boats.

The Transat 2004 Sailing Innovation Yachts shipyard


Vendée Globe 2004 – 180° Test

The whole story in the book and DVD

“Projekt Vendée Globe 2004/05”

DVD Vendée Globe 2004 Norbert Sedlacek Innovation Yachts Shipyard
Buch Vendée Globe 2004 Norbert Sedlacek Innovation Yachts Shipyard

vendée globe 2008 / 2009

In his second attempt, Norbert Sedlacek has realized what many of the world’s best professional skippers dream of.

After 126 days, 5 hours, 31 minutes and 56 seconds, he arrived 11th of 30 skippers the finish line of the Vendée Globe and fulfilled a dream of his lifetime.


Vendée Globe 2008/09

The whole story in the book and DVD

“Allein gegen den Ozean”

DVD Vendée Globe Norbert Sedlacek Innovation Yachts Shipyard
Vendée Globe Nobert Sedlacek book Innovation Yachts shipyard
Vendée Globe 2008 finish Norbert Sedlacek
Vendée Globe 2008 finish Norbert Sedlacek


ANT ARCTIC LAB stands for the first attempt to sail nonstop, single-handed and without assistance around the world through all five oceans, including Arctic and Southern Ocean!

This unbelievable undertaking will be another extreme sailing adventure for skipper Norbert Sedlacek Koch which will take him more than 32.000 nautical miles, around six months through the most dangerous waters on our planet, through ice, stormy waters, the doldrums and many, at the moment unknown, adventures.

The ANT ARCTIC LAB project is a unique world record attempt starting in Les Sables d’Olonne (FRA) ! It is also confirming a new yacht building concept using trendsetting volcanic fibre which resists toughest conditions, like collisions with drifting ice. Additionally, all used materials are entirely recyclable!