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From concept, to completion and beyond, Innovation Yachts is unshakable in its delivery of unique, custom-built vessels that are uncompromising in attention to finest sustainable and renewable materials, long lasting quality, safety and performance.

our materials

Innovation Yachts is the world’s leading yacht builder in Volcanic Fibre with more than 13 years of experience!  We also run our own laboratory and development department to establish sustainable and fully recyclable high-end quality building materials in the nautical industry.


Innovation Yachts is about action, not words. As we manage all steps of your project such as design, architecture and manufacturing in-house, our individuality and flexibility are great advantage for you and us.
Therefore we offer you an optimized end-to-end service package according to your wishes.

ant arctic lab

This year our IY Open60AAL Innovation Yachts is challenging a world’s first record: single handed – nonstop – without assistance through all 5 Oceans including Arctic and Southern Ocean!

With this highly ambitious 32.000 nm challenge Innovation Yachts actively confirms the possibilities of our custom-built, hand-crafted yachts, which highlight several industrial developments bringing sustainability and recyclability to the marine industry.

latest news

Arctic Sea Ice 220520

Svalbard is still…

… surrounded by thick ice ❄, but by August and September this will change and with the experience of my weather routers Meeno Schrader and

Norbert holding box in his hand, marked on it is "100 days to go!", standing in front of Open60AAL Innovation Yachts

💯 days to go…

… and I feel just great 😊! The whole team is busy to finish several details! Today I also checked the first of 84 storage