IY Lava330

Our IY LAVA330 was developed as the lightweight, unsinkable und long lasting dinghy to our IY60Explorer.
The IY LAVA330 by default is equipped with a 4kw electrical engine.

In manufacturing the IY LAVA330 we processed also our own recycled materials so as Balsa- and Volcanic fibre shredder.

Hull Length

3,30 m / 10 ft


1,65 m

Special Feature


Technical details

Length: 3.3 m
Beam: 1.65 m
Construction Materials: volcanic fiber – balsa core sandwich, biobased epoxy

Max. Load: 4 Persons
Engine: 2 – 6 kW, electric

Design/ Architecture
Concept: Norbert Sedlacek Koch
Design: Marion Koch, Norbert Sedlacek Koch
Architecture: Marion Koch, Norbert Sedlacek Koch

Shipyard: Innovation Yachts