In 2012 we designed the first Prototype according to our design and construction philosophy, which represents volcanic fibre, balsa-sandwich and a harmless epoxy matrix system.

This IY Open16 prototype confirmed not only our imaginations of performance, quality and sustainability, it successfully gained also three transatlantic sailing records.

Which are: The smallest sailboat ever sailed nonstop and single handed from Europe to America in the trade winds, also back on the northern route as well as the longest single handed nonstop turn in this boat size.

Hull Length

4,9 m / 16 ft

Hull Beam

1,8 m

Special feature


Technical details

Length overall: 5.6 m
Width overall: 2.3 m
Length waterline: 4.9 m
Width waterline: 1.8 m
Draft: 1.7 m
Displacement: 450 kg
Canting keel: 180 kg
Dagger board: 1.1 m
Construction Materials: volcanic fiber – balsa core sandwich, biobased epoxy

Ballast Tank System
1 Bow tank 112 l
2 Stern tanks à 78 l

Mast height: 8 m
Boom length: 2.6 m
Standing & running rigging: Dyneema

Sail Area
Mainsail:  15.5 m2 Fully batted, 3 reef lines
Genoa 1: 11.5 mFurler
Genoa 2: 7.5 m2 Fixed roller furler
Foc: 2.8 m2 Furler
Storm jib: 1.2 m2 Hanks
Gennaker: 25.8 m2 Furler
Code 0: 21.2 m2 Furler
Spinnaker: 37.1 m2 Sock

Design / Architecture

Concept: Norbert Sedlacek Koch
Design: Marion Koch, Norbert Sedlacek Koch
Architecture: Marion Koch, Norbert Sedlacek Koch

Shipyard: Yacht Construction Consulting (YCC) – now Innovation Yachts