Our Materials

The nautical ship building industry has a major role to play in encouraging respect for the environment and in producing clean products and technologies. We believe that shipyards – such as Innovation Yachts – that embrace green technology and a reduced floating footprint (through recycled materials, reduced carbon emissions and sustainability) show responsibility for our environment to future end customers.

Innovation Yachts is committed to testing and incorporating real solutions like recyclable composites, natural core materials or harmless matrix (resin) systems in order to offer our bespoke yacht customers the highest quality and cleanest products and materials currently available.

Volcanic Fibre

Volcanic fibres are different volcanic rocks, ground, mixed according to a recipe, melted and then pulled into fibres.
The fibre can be customized in terms of mechanical properties to suit the project demands.

Fully recyclable
Skin neutral
Acid resistant
UV resistant
Hard surface
High tensile – and compressive strength
Temperature resistant up to 850℃

Balsa Wood

From the fast growing balsa tree we get the lightest and strongest core material which is 100% sustainable and recyclable.

Fully recyclable
Sustainable cultivation – FSC certified
Light weight
High specific stiffness and rigidity
High impact resistance
Excellent moisture resistance

Epoxy Matrix

Our high end epoxy matrix is harmless to health and biological safe.

Fully recyclable
Harmless to health
Biological safe
Fully solvent-free
UV resistant
Osmosis resistant
Withstands high mechanical stresses
Withstands big temperature variations


Innovation Yachts not only uses fully recyclable materials. More than that we process the whole recycle process indoor and fabricate fillers and new building materials out of our recycled materials.

We use these materials for the structural yacht building as well as to produce new building materials for the interior and for moulds. 

By doing this, we do not only demonstrate our commitment and credibility to make the nautical industry cleaner. Running our recycling program, we are also able to offer our customers special material solutions which are innovative, future-oriented and high-end quality.