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Innovation Yachts: The Future Of Yacht Design & Assembly

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Innovation Yachts actively tests the possibilities of our custom built, hand-crafted yachts through our Ant-Arctic-Lab project – a highly ambitious 32.000 nm, single-handed sailing challenge that highlights several industrial developments bringing sustainability to the marine industry.

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Innovation Yachts is about action, not words. As part of our Ant-Arctic Lab sailing attempt, we will test real solutions – recyclable composites, harmless matrix systems or natural core materials – which we believe should be adopted by the wider yacht building industry.

The Open 60 AAL – which is designed and developed by us – will deliver ultimate proof of the quality, safety, functionality and durability of the Innovation Yacht philosophy.


Innovation Yachts is about exploring the future of bespoke yacht design and construction, without compromising the fragility of the planet and ocean. Through transparent, expert advice and support, our dedicated knowledge will be passed on exclusively to our clients to answer the individual needs of their bespoke builds.

We understand that every client’s needs are different to the next. Innovation Yachts will offer you an optimized end-to-end service package according to your wishes