We couldn’t believe it 😮☺️ …

Ocean Tribute Award 2023 awarded Innovation Yachts

… when they called out, that the winner 🥇🎉🏆 of the Ocean Tribute Award 2023 🌊♻⛵ was Innovation Yachts 💚⛵‼

This unique award which we received for our IY LBV35 ⛵, given from the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the German Ocean Foundation and the boot Düsseldorf, means a great honour 🙏 for us! After 13 years of development of our unique fully sustainable and recyclable yacht building concept ♻⛵, this was the moment we were waiting for.

It shows also that long-lasting cooperations 👍 like we have with all our partners, but especially La Bella Verde, connected with a hard-working, motivated team 💪 are the base for success 🍾.

This honour is an enormous booster 🚀 for the motivation of our Innovation Yachts team 😀😀 and our partners 😀😀! It comes at the right time because this year with the new shipyard project, another departure of the ANT ARCTIC LAB and of course also another prototype development we need all our strength 💪!

Again, a huge THANK YOU 🙏 to everybody who was voting for us and of course to everybody who was involved in the creation and organisation of the Ocean Tribute Award 🌊♻🏆!


Proud and happy founders of Innovation Yachts,

Marion and Norbert


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