It’s just great πŸ‘πŸ˜€β€¦

Team in front of Open60AAL

… how the craning πŸ—, the dismantling of the keel and the transport worked without any problems πŸ‘Œβœ…!

Therefore, at this point again a “huge thank you” πŸ™ to our team, our volunteers, the team at the travel lift, Yacht Care Services for the transport of the Open60AAL β›΅, the truck crane drivers and truck drivers πŸš› and… simply everyone who was involved 😊!

In a few months we will start again, but then in “the better direction” into the water 🌊!


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Radio silence…

It’s true that we haven’t posted πŸ™Š anything for a while now….because we’re very busy with the πŸ—οΈconstruction πŸ—οΈof our new workshop, β›΅VOLCAT 16 β›΅series

The hall walls are covered…

And now the finishing works on the façade and the preparation for concreting the floor plate begin. We are very pleased 😁that, thanks to committed

Next steps are coming up…

And we are 😁 very happy πŸ“£ to pronounce that our partner bto-epoxy is now ready with the development of the next resin-generation using BIO-sources

Back at home… πŸ˜ƒ

We are delighted with the progress we are making according to plan πŸ—οΈ, a finished skylight dome at our new shipyard location, and are plunging

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