Norbert crossed the starting line!

Norbert on IY Open60AAL giving a speech

Today, at 10 AM UTC+2 Norbert has waved goodbye 👋 to all fans, partners, friends, family and the whole Innovation Yachts team 🧒👩‍🦰👱‍♀️🧑👱🧔🧓👧 to fulfill his lifetime mission to set the world record ⛵🌏🌍🌎  of sailing around the world nonstop, single-handed, without assistance through all five oceans including the most dangerous oceans on the planet: the Arctic Ocean and Southern Ocean.   

Norbert took off from the Vendée Globe pontoon, Les Sables d’Olonne which he associates with great memories about his successful Vendée Globe participation in 2009. After he left the channel, he set sails and crossed the starting line, which also will be the finish line, at 11h07’13 UTC+2. Norbert started off on long light waves 🌊 with a gentle breeze under a scattered sky accompanied by many people, who wished him “fair winds”.

The adventure continues online. Click here to follow Norbert’s progress and to be up to date.

The challenge will cover at least 3⃣2⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣ nautical miles and will take around 2⃣0⃣0⃣  days at sea.
The purpose of this project is to ultimately confirm the quality and safety of the Innovation Yachts’ new yacht building concept and topromote environmentally friendly sailing.

The sailing yacht “Innovation Yachts Open60AAL”, built by Innovation Yachts is fully electric 🔌🔋  and will be powered only by renewable energy like wind 🌬, hydro generators 🌊 and solar power 🌞. This 60ft boat was built out of fully sustainable and recyclable materials ♻ like volcanic fiber, balsa wood and biocompatible epoxy. The entire Innovation Yachts – ANT ARCTIC LAB team would like to thank everyone 🙏 who came and wished Norbert “fair winds”.

The departure video can be found on Facebook: Norbert Sedlacek Ant-Arctic-Lab.


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