Storing equipment on board

Norbert with all the equipment to be loaded on the boat

D-2 ⏰ Remember the days you packed for a road trip holiday? Now it’s my turn to pack for about 6 months at sea! ⛵🌊🌏 It is important to put everything well organized on it’s place 📋 ✅ so that it’s easy for me to find the items later on.

Today we are “boarding” some food, my personal items 👕👓💿📝 such as clothes, multimedia equipment, medicine, first aid kit, emergency equipment, spare parts, tools … and of course some presents 🎁 from my family and friends 😊

Equipment ready to be stowed on board
Norbert and team stowing on board emergency equipment
Norbert in IY Open60AAL with all the equipment
Norbert in IY Open60AAL arranging his equipment


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