Stormy weather 🌬 outside…

Stormy day, white waves, clouds, lighhouse and bird in Les Sables d'Olonne

… and a lot of work in the shipyard 🔧🧰💻! By the way, did we tell you that we are working on a new catamaran model ⛵⛵, a really cute nice one which will be, of course, fully sustainable, recyclable ♻ and… soon we will give you more information about this project😊

The preparation for the next ANT ARCTIC LAB ⛵🌊🌍 departure moves also forward as planed AND Marion is invited to the Monaco Ocean Week 🎙 ⛵🌊 ⚓ 😊!

So, as you can see, spring brings us not only an exploding nature 🌱 but also new projects ⛵ and challenges which we are happy to face 😀💪.



Stormy day, waves are coming on beach in Les Sables d'Olonne


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